Why it’s important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After you’re involved in a truck accident, you may have serious injuries to attend to. On top of your health, you may have questions about what to do next.

One of the things to do right away is to look into contacting an attorney to help with your case. Truck accident cases are notorious for having complexities that passenger-vehicle accidents may not, such as having more than one defendant, being able to access the truck’s logs or black box and other details that an attorney is able to handle.

Why hire a truck accident attorney?

After you are involved in a truck accident, an attorney can take steps on your behalf to help you make a claim. Your attorney can:

  • Guide you to file evidence
  • File a lawsuit in court
  • Take legal action to support your claim

The attorney will help you protect your rights by speaking with insurance carriers or others involved in the case on your behalf. This will help prevent you from facing legal complications, such as saying or doing something that might indicate that you played some role in the collision.

They’ll also collect evidence. They’ll go through government records and may work with private investigators or others to obtain evidence about the collision. They’ll use this to help build a case against the at-fault driver, so there is a better chance of a financial recovery.

An attorney also represents you if your case has to go to court. Your attorney will work with you to try to settle the case for a reasonable amount of money, but if it has to go to court, they’ll be there to represent you. They’ll talk to you about what you need to do in court and how to prepare.

Going to court isn’t particularly common, and many cases are able to be settled outside of court. This will save you money and time if your attorney is able to do so.

Your attorney is there to take care of the challenges of a legal case while you focus on your health. With the right support, you may not need to do much to make sure your claim is filed and resolved.