2 ways others could cause you injuries while you exercise

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One of the most basic things you need to do to preserve your health and longevity is to exercise regularly. Frequent cardiovascular exercise helps keep your body in good functioning condition and even helps stave off mental health issues, like depression.

Unfortunately, while you may act to protect your health and well-being through exercising, you could get hurt during your exercise sessions because of someone else’s bad behavior or negligence. What are some of the ways that other people could cause you injury when you are out taking care of your body?

Drivers hit pedestrians and cyclists frequently

The law is clear that motor vehicles should share the road with both cyclists and pedestrians. There are safety rules in place to ensure that everyone can use the roads together.

Still, many drivers find sharing the road with others an inconvenient suggestion rather than the law of the land. They may be unnecessarily aggressive when driving around pedestrians or cyclists or may allow their distraction or chemical impairment to lead to a crash. The sad truth is that often drivers don’t face the kinds of consequences they should for hitting cyclists or pedestrians.

They don’t maintain their property

If you are out for a jog, you need to constantly scan your surroundings for approaching vehicles and obstacles. You can’t spend every second staring down at the sidewalk in front of you, or you could run headlong into traffic.

Although property owners should maintain safe premises, some allow their sidewalks to fall into disrepair. Others leave dangerous objects near their property. There are even some people who blow their grass clippings out onto the road, which could lead to tragic outcomes for cyclists.

Bad driving habits and poor property maintenance could mean that taking your dog for a walk or going for a bike ride results in a trip to the hospital. Thankfully, Georgia state laws allow those hurt by the misconduct or negligence of others how to file insurance claims and sometimes even civil lawsuits. Evaluating your recent injury for outside liability and compensation opportunities can help you defray some of the losses you may incur can help you defray some of the costs your exercise-related injury caused.