3 common forms of nursing home abuse

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Nursing home residents have the right to expect that the staff members will take care of them appropriately. They don’t ever think that they will become victims of nursing home abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, some nursing home residents do suffer through those atrocious situations.

Nursing home abuse and neglect aren’t always easy to spot. Sometimes, they’re very well hidden. Learning a little about the more common types of abuse is crucial if you have a loved one in a nursing home or other care facility.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is often hard to spot because there usually aren’t physical signs. Oftentimes, this is only noticeable if you pay close attention to the person’s behavior. You may notice that they’re more sullen than usual. They may also be isolated because the staff member will be concerned about the resident speaking to others about the issue. Another sign is if there’s always a staff member hovering around the resident when you go to visit them.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is usually the easiest form of abuse to see because it leaves marks on the resident. One time when it might not be easy is if the staff member is careful and only does things that can be covered up. One sign to watch for is your loved one moving gingerly or favoring one part of their body. This could be due to bruising or other physical injuries where you can’t see.

Financial abuse

Financial abuse occurs when someone who cares for the resident takes money or assets in an illegal manner. This can include having the person change their estate plan to include the caregiver or giving a caregiver access to a bank account or debit card. Be on the lookout for unusual transactions in the bank account or changes to their estate plan.

Anyone who’s suffered from nursing home abuse should understand their legal rights. Seeking compensation is possible for cases of abuse. Georgia law limits how long you have to file your claim, so you must move quickly.