What happens when someone gets hurt outside another’s property?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2022 | Premises Liability |

Perhaps you had an appointment to provide a potential roofing client with an estimate. You showed up at their home, but their yard was incredibly dangerous. You stepped in what turned out to be a mole tunnel and broke your leg, leaving you unable to work for weeks.

Maybe you were out jogging and took a different route than usual, only to have your foot catch on an uneven section of cement, which sent you tumbling into the road, resulting in a concussion. There are countless ways in which you could suffer a noteworthy injury when accessing the exterior spaces on someone’s property.

Outdoor spaces can contain many serious hazards, and they are easy for business managers and property owners to overlook. Whether you got hurt in the parking lot of a grocery store or the front lawn of a neighbor, the possibility exists for you to bring a premises liability claim.

Property owners have a duty to the public

Georgia state law requires that homeowners maintain their property in a safe and reasonable manner, especially if they make their premises accessible to others. Whether you had to come over to drop off a letter your mail carrier delivered to you by accident or you had an appointment, you should be able to trust that the exterior spaces around a building or home are safe.

When a property owner fails to maintain the sidewalks, lawn or other areas on their property appropriately, they may have some liability when someone gets hurt.

Insurance covers outdoor spaces, too

Homeowner’s insurance, renters insurance and premises liability insurance policies carried by businesses cover outdoor spaces in addition to interior areas. You may be able to file a claim for both medical coverage and property damage coverage after getting hurt on someone else’s property.

Sometimes there won’t be appropriate insurance to protect you, and other times you may have massive expenses that are beyond what insurance will cover. In both scenarios, it may be possible to bring a premises liability claim against the business or property owner due to negligent maintenance of the facilities.

Understanding that owners are responsible for outdoor spaces as well as indoor ones could help you pursue an appropriate personal injury claim.