Columbus Lawyers Handling Appeals

Pursuing Justice All the Way Through the Appeals Process

When we say we will stand by you, we mean it. We understand that some cases that seem lost after trial can be won on appeal. We also understand that when you have won in the trial court, the losing side will do all it can to overturn that result in the appellate court. We have had great success handling appeals for our clients, and we will fight for you on appeal. No matter the forum, we can assist both those who need help obtaining a reversal of an unfavorable result, and those who want to defend a successful decision of the trial court. We handle the appeal of cases in both state and federal courts and from either side of the aisle. We believe this flexibility gives us an advantage over your opponent because we know the strategies most likely to be used, having used them ourselves in the past.

We understand the in-depth work and level of detail it takes to successfully handle an appeal. We will review the transcripts from your case, looking for any possible mistakes on the part of the judge. We will create a written legal brief from this information to present and argue in front of the appellate panel. We are firm believers in the truth and we will be honest about the likelihood of success in an appeal before we pursue it for you.

Our firm has successfully handled cases for major corporations, small and medium businesses, and individuals. Whether you are defending against an appeal of a decision in your estate litigation case or you want to overturn a decision in a personal injury case, we can help.

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Georgia Attorneys Providing Representation In Appellate Courts

We practice only civil litigation. This intense focus gives us the knowledge we need to pursue a case to the very end as well as the breadth of experience to approach any case with creativity and intelligence. Our lawyers are aggressive advocates with a desire to see justice done. We bring a sense of calm and reason to our practice, avoiding unnecessary incendiary words and actions. We respect and honor the legal system, but we do not back down from a fight and we are not cowed by those who do not practice as we do. In short, we stand up for our clients, and we always seek the truth.

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