Aggressive Advocacy in Civil Litigation

At Buchanan Law Firm, PC, we focus solely on civil litigation and trials. We have handled cases of every sort for both the plaintiff and the defense. Having the skill to represent either side not only makes us better lawyers, it helps us anticipate what the opposition’s next move may be. Our clients have been national corporations, businesses here in Georgia, and individuals seeking justice in their personal and business legal matters. We have represented the very big, the very small, and all sizes in between. No matter the size of the client and regardless of whether they are a plaintiff or a defendant, our purpose is always the same: To provide zealous, principled, and unmatched advocacy for those individuals and businesses that deserve to have their voice heard. Our main focuses are on personal injury cases for the plaintiff, and business, commercial, and complex litigation for the plaintiff and the defense. We practice law ethically and respectfully. We will not back down from a fight or be intimidated by those who do not practice the same way we do.

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