Columbus Trial Lawyers

Giving You a Voice When You Need It Most

At Buchanan Law Firm, PC, we believe that hard work, preparation and commitment bring about positive results. We are zealous advocates who give you a voice when you feel that you are being drowned out by the clamor of entities larger or louder than you. Whether you have been severely injured in an accident and are now dealing with the insurance company or you need help with some other type of dispute you cannot resolve, we have more than 45 years of experience and skill to put behind your cause.

We are not Columbus’ largest law firm, nor do we wish to be. Instead, we offer personalized service to the clients we believe can benefit most from our knowledge and accomplishments. We do not churn cases out like a mill; we take the time to thoroughly investigate each case, dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of justice for every client. We will stand by you, fighting all the way, until we have achieved that justice for you. Our diversity of experience and education have led us to become one of the leading and best respected law firms in Georgia in the area of civil litigation.

Specialists in Civil Litigation

We choose to focus solely on representing clients in civil litigation to give them better service. Our lawyers have practiced on both sides of the table, which gives them unique perspective when handling personal injury and business litigation cases. We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions and address your concerns.

To learn more about how our Columbus trial attorneys can help you, please call 800-269-2252 or contact us online.

A Firm Commitment

When we take a case, we follow it through to the very end, including handling your appeal if necessary. We also use alternative dispute resolution methods when appropriate to save you money, time and stress. If those fail or are not an option in your case, we are fierce trial lawyers who do not back down from a fight. We practice law with honor and respect for its tenets and ideals, but we are not cowed by those who do not. We have deep roots in our community and contribute in many ways to help it thrive. But most of all, we fight for our clients until a full measure of justice has been obtained.

Contact Buchanan Law Firm, PC, at 800-269-2252 to schedule your free initial consultation. For personal injury cases, you are never charged a fee unless you are compensated for your injuries.