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A Voice for Those Who Can No Longer Be Heard

It is unfortunate but far too common that people in nursing homes lose their independence. It is even more unfortunate when they suffer neglect and abuse from the very people who have been entrusted with their care. When you put a loved one in a nursing home, you have every right to expect that he or she will be treated well and have his or her needs met; after all, that is what nursing homes are paid to do. When you arrive for a visit to find your family member has bedsores, has been left lying in his or her own waste, or is suffering from dehydration or malnutrition, it is made even worse when you learn that this suffering occurred because of neglect or abuse on the part of the facility; yet this is often the case.

Nursing homes are frequently run on tight budgets and are understaffed. When this happens, residents do not get the care they need. Residents who are bedridden need to be turned at least every two hours to prevent bedsores, or decubitus ulcers, from forming. They need to be kept clean and dry, and they need to be adequately fed. Residents who have lost the ability to feed themselves need to be assisted when eating and not just have food placed in front of them with the hope that they will feed themselves. Many times, these things are overlooked and your loved one suffers because of it. Your family member should not be treated this way, and you have the right to hold the nursing home accountable for its actions.

Buchanan Law Firm, PC will be the voice for you and your family member to bring the facility in question to justice. Whether your loved one has ended up in the hospital or has passed away from these injuries, we will shine the light on the nursing home’s misconduct and pursue compensation for the harm done. In the process, we hope to get the nursing home’s attention so that other helpless nursing home residents are not exposed to the same types of harm.

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Georgia Attorneys Representing Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

We understand what you are up against. Frequently, a nursing home will claim that the patient resisted treatment or say “that just happens at this age.” This is not true and is a convenient way for the facility to cover up its mistakes.

We will pursue the truth of what has happened to your loved one. We will consult with experts in geriatric care to show where the nursing home deviated from the accepted standard of care, causing injury to your family member. We will thoroughly investigate your case and stand by you all the way through the fight. We are accomplished trial lawyers. We are not “paper pushers”, and we are not intimidated by bullying or bad behavior on the part of the opposition or insurance companies. We will see your case through and will work tenaciously to bring it to a successful resolution.

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