Helping People Who Have Been Hurt In Trucking Accidents

An accident involving a large truck often involves catastrophic injury or death, due to the impact of a large, heavy object hitting a much smaller one. If a car collides with a truck, it is not uncommon for the trucker to walk away while the driver of the car is wounded for life. If you have been involved in a truck accident, you need legal representation as soon as possible.

Buchanan Law Firm, PC, has represented people who have been injured in trucking accidents and truckers who have been hurt on the job and other car accident situations. Call us as soon as you are able. Our attorneys will sit down with you and go over the events of the accident, gather and preserve evidence before it is taken away or destroyed, and follow your progress as you heal.

Previously, we have been on the defense side for the trucking company’s insurer so we understand how they operate and what you are likely to be up against. Schedule a free consultation with us today about your case.

Handling All Aspects Of Your Case

As soon as an accident with a semi or tractor-trailer occurs, the trucker is required to radio it in and an insurance investigator is often dispatched to visit the scene and minimize damage on the part of the trucking company. This is the kind of representation the other side has. You need equally good or better representation.

People who have been severely injured in trucking accidents frequently cannot return to work and require specialized equipment to live a decent quality of life. The catastrophic injuries that commonly result because of the mass of the truck can be life-changing. We help people who have been seriously injured in truck accidents get the compensation they need to pay for medical bills, continuing treatment and lost wages.

A Successful Result

One of our clients was a trucker who was carrying a load that was improperly packed by another organization. When he opened the door of the truck, the load had shifted and it fell on him. We were able to successfully bring a claim for the trucker’s injuries against the organization that had packed the load.

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