3 spring driving safety concerns people need to know about

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Spring is a joyous season for many people. People look forward to celebrating Easter with their family members. Children anxiously wait for a week off of school. Warmer temperatures mean an influx of spring flowers and often more outdoor activity. While Georgia does not see particularly frigid winter weather, people are still more likely to go outside once temperatures increase.

Unfortunately, those out enjoying the spring weather may find themselves that increased risk of a motor vehicle collision due to seasonal risk factors. What makes driving during the spring uniquely dangerous?

High precipitation levels

The spring often sees plenty of rain and even major thunderstorms. Precipitation can be dangerous because it affects visibility and also someone’s control of their vehicle. During heavy rainfall, drivers could also be at risk of hydroplaning. Even after the rain stops falling, the wet pavement left behind after a storm could still put someone at elevated risk of a weather-related collision. Drivers should slow down and increase their following distance to address the weather-related crash risk.

Increased animal activity

For many species of animals, the springtime is breeding season. Animals are out eagerly looking for mates or searching for food for their newborn progeny. Even animals that aren’t breeding may be more active after winter ends. Increased animal activity also means more collisions involving wildlife on public roads.

Spring break safety issues

While children enrolled in school may be enthusiastic about spring break, police departments and safety regulators often worry about school vacations. Young adults not in school can get themselves into all kinds of trouble. They may attend parties where they drink or try drugs. That can lead to increased crash risk for anyone who crosses paths with younger drivers during spring break. Young adults with no obligation to attend school for a week might also go out with friends. The distraction of other young adults in a vehicle can significantly increase the likelihood that a teen driver might cause a collision.

Those who understand the unique traffic safety concerns present during the spring months may have an easier time keeping themselves and their passengers safe. Avoiding and properly responding to motor vehicle collisions can reduce someone’s risk of injury and financial losses.