What injuries can a bicyclist suffer if they’re hit by a car?

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Bicyclists enjoy the freedom of being out on the open road. That freedom is accompanied by great risk, however, because they don’t have the protection of a frame around them. This reality renders them vulnerable to incurring considerable injuries if they’re struck by a vehicle.

There are a few ways that bicyclists can take steps to protect themselves. For example, they can maximize the likelihood of being seen by a motorist. This means wearing vibrant colors with reflective properties. Lights on a bicycle can also help to increase visibility.

Yet, even with the best safety protocol in place, some bicyclists may be struck by motorists. They might suffer some catastrophic injuries, including the following.

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are possible when the bicyclist is struck or when they hit the ground. These can lead to lifelong effects, such as permanent paralysis. The medical care costs of a spinal cord injury are incredibly high, which can bring a financial struggle to the victim.

Brain injuries

While a helmet can help to protect the brain, it’s not a foolproof safety measure. A bicyclist who’s struck by a vehicle can suffer from a traumatic brain injury that could lead to catastrophic damage to the brain. This can mean the person winds up in a coma or has lifelong impacts that impair their ability to enjoy life.

Broken bones

A bicyclist who’s hit by a vehicle can suffer from broken bones. These can be complex breaks that may require surgery to repair. Certain broken bones can take several months to heal, which could mean limited mobility during the healing process, which can make it difficult to work.

Any bicyclist who’s struck by a vehicle should seek out medical care because some of their injuries might not be immediately apparent. They may then opt to pursue a compensation claim against the negligent driver who caused their harm. This can help them to recover financial damages, but the case must be filed quickly. Because these cases can be complex, they should seek the assistance of a legal representative as proactively as possible.